Moroccan Rugs 101: Beni M'rirt

Moroccan Rugs 101: Beni M'rirt

Lesser known by their true name, Beni M’rirt carpets have come onto the scene due to the enormous demand for Beni Ourain carpets. The Beni M’rirt carpets are darker colored rugs, usually designed in a monochromatic color style. 

Despite the influence of the Beni Ourain in the modern day Beni M’rirt weaving, there are a few very distinctive differences between the two Berber carpets. The carpets have a different knot, and the thinner wool yarn of the new Beni M’rirt carpets is much more densely woven and usually results in a medium pile.

Geographically, there is a distance of about 200 km between the Beni Ourain and Beni M'rirt regions, the Beni M'rirt area being more to the West of the Middle Atlas Mountains. The landscape is very different, and therefore the elements which were traditionally projected onto the design of the vintage carpets differ. 

Beni M’rirt carpets are still hand woven in accordance with traditional Berber weaving and they are incredibly dense and sumptuous.


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